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About us

My name is Corrie Volckmar and I started Master Tiler in 1994 in Mafikeng the capital of Bopputhatswana, I soon built up a formidable team, covering surrounding towns including Zeerust, Lichtenburg and Vryburg. At the peak we were 40 strong operating 5 teams with an average 1000sq/m per month of tiles laid rising to a peak of just over 3000sq/m the last month when I sold the business in 2006 in order to relocate to the West Coast.

Getting started down here was not easy as everything was different especially labour. Having tried many local 'tilers' ( without success) I  started with myself and one helper - but now I have a team of 6 consisting of 3 tilers and 3 helpers whom I have trained to be very efficient. With 3 tilers on the job we are faster than most and finish 100sq/m floor in 2 days. Bathrooms and kitchens obviously take longer due to all cuttings that have to be done!

2008 was our kick-off year on the West Coast, spending most of our time on training on the 7000sq/m done. With zero advertising we have managed to stay busy and unfortunately had to turn many jobs away.

We are geared for the bigger jobs and can easily tackle jobs over 2000sq/m in record time ( The best being 50,1sq/m per Hour on Fruit and Veg City in Mafikeng. Various other large contracts include the Olympic size swimming pool at Lichtenburg pleasure resort, Complete Ganyesa municipality, 200 houses for Naledi Construction, Tender-board building, Molopo sun - 300 rooms, many car show rooms, Steers in Zeerust, Goverment buildings etc).

2009 was so much better, considering it was a recession year we almost doubled our production and still managed to pick up some nice sized jobs like the new KFC in Vredendal, a U-Save shoprite in Saldanha, a Checkin supermarket in Clan William and the new R5 shop in Vredenburg.

2010 has kicked off with a bang, we started on the 4th jan and are already booked up till the end of Feb. The Checkin in Clan William is getting a revamp with old tiles being replaced with full body porcelain, and this while business continues, feel free to call the owner Michael Coetzee on 0836275709 to find out how he rates us.

Hi there, it's been a while since I updated my site ( almost a year now, and firstly a big thanks to my customers who saw fit to use my services). The no of hits on my site for the past year was awesome with over 17000 hits, which shows people are using it.

Since the best advertising is your work you are welcome to check out the following references:
Please give any of them a call - I am confident that they are happy with our work we did for them.

# KFC Vredendal - complete new building ( Jaco Venter 0829295702 )
# Checkin supermarket Clan William - Michael Coetzee 0836275709 
# Mr Price Home ( Cheryl Allen - 0832591725 )
# CTM display area ( 022-7151180 )
# Huis Wittekruin - entrance and dining area ( Wimpie Volschenk 0834449806 )
# E A Marine - St Helena over 1000sq/m - Jan Bacher 0835189113 
# Waltons Vredenburg - porcelain ( Pierre Le Roux 0829005930 )
# Sieff's new offices in Langebaan ( CBM bouers Chris at  0832843347 )
# Ryans Construction ( Anton at 0833308008 )

Give us a call - Advice is free and you might save your self a lot of inconvenience
and money.

Other references are:

1 : Cheryl Allen - 0832591725 (Shop) 
2 : Dassie Smith - 0227661717 (Home) 
3 : Daren Barker - 0834482177 (Bathroom) 
4 : Clive Garlic- 0823310023 (Shop) 
5 : Kenny Young - 0833821865 (House) 
6 : Debbie Turner - 0828756441 (House) 
7 : Jan Truter - 0720405612 (House) 
8 : Pieter Rabe - 0832755695 (House) 
9 : Wilene Smit - 0826127084 (House 
10 : Francois Conradie - 0842067177 (5 Houses) 
11 : Norsnet - 0227131347 (Offices) 
12 : Freddy Van Schalkwyk  - 0832776084 (House) 


The first thing clients usually ask is: What is the price per square metre?

These are the following questions that must be answered before giving you an idea of how much it will cost but I normally have to see the job before giving a firm written quote. 

  • Where is the job - locally or out of town?
  • What is the job - bathroom, house, shopping centre, etc.
  • How big is the job - bathroom ± 30m², house ± 250m² etc
  • What type of tiles - glazed, porcelain, slate, marble, etc
  • What size are the tiles
  • What preparation must be done - new or existing building
  • Are we supplying the material
  • Do you want us to deliver the material
  • Is it a once off or a development multiple houses
  • What pattern? Straight/Diamond/Inlays/Borders or all
  • How are you paying - cash, 30/60 days

Answer these questions and we will have a better idea of what you want and you will have a better idea of what it will cost.